Design, Fabricate & Installation of Pharma Hose Reel Trolley

Design, Fabricate & Installation of Pharma Hose Reel Trolley

Project Enquiry

Killeen Engineering was invited to visit a Biologics Company Facility to discuss the design of a hose reel trolley. Their motivation was 2 fold, both of which were safety related:

-Tidy up the work area;

-Reduce the need for Lab Technicians to be lugging around these heavy reels.

Design Brief

Design Brief was as follows:

-Trolley needed to be fabricated from 316L Stainless Steel to avoid the risk of corrosion from some cleaning agents which are highly caustic;

-Trolley to accommodate as many reels as possible;

-Trolley dimensions limited as trolley needs to fit under the workbench;

-Allow easy changing of individual reels when empty;

-Trolley to be mobile on caster wheels with at least 2 casters lockable.

Following a survey, the final dimensions were determined and an initial virtual model was created in our BIM software.

This was sent to the client using Photo-Realistic Images and dimensions were also conveyed.

Following a few minor tweaks, the design was finalised, and Killeen Engineering tendered for the manufacture of the product.

Example of design iterations for steel trolley for pharma company

Design Iteration from original to final design including sheers

Having successfully completed the tender stage we then produced shop drawings detailing all dimensions and details of the product.

Killeen Engineering Shop Drawing of Reel Holder Trolley

Ongoing Production Iterations

Once drawings were approved by the client, Killeen then manufactured the product and we are currently manufacturing the second trolley which included more changes from the first to accommodate the spec required by our client from another lab within the facility with different size reels.


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