Stairs & Fire Escapes

Stairs & Fire Escapes

Killeen Engineering have years of experience designing, fabricating and fitting steel stairs, fire escapes and balconies. Our team is experienced within the construction industry to provide our clients with an end to end solution of fabrication, galvanizing, powder coating and fitting.

What components do stairs comprise of?

Strings – usually steel or (pfc – parallel flange channel)  or flat steel (various dimensions)

Landings – similar structure to the strings (pfc or flat) 

Platform – decked with various options (composite, steel – other)

Support columns – generally shs – square hollow section – 

Treads – composite or steel or pcp gratings. See stair tread examples on 


Other Options 

Commercial: See stair tread examples on https://www.pcpgratings.co.uk/stairwell.html

Prefabricated – stair treads

Finished with composite threads steel and concrete


Fire Escapes  

Usually located outside and with a galvanised finish to prevent rusting.

Fire escapes can be open in order to cut down on wind loading – which is different to indoors.

Depending on the specific circumstances, they may be closed for fire prevention.

Rules & Regulations Apply to stairs and fire escapes pertaining to building size and occupancy guides the stairs dimensions.

Please see resources section below:


Below please find links to the relevant building regulations which must be adhered to in the design and manufacture of stairs and fire escapes.

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